Counseling with Daysha

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

~ Anaïs Nin

Counseling can be an adventurous journey of self-discovery – an insightful exploration of thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns, with an understanding how they come together to create a unique situation.

Daysha takes an active and collaborative therapeutic approach to counseling. You can expect sessions designed to meet your unique needs, explore life choices, confront beliefs that no longer serve you, and embrace your own innate strengths, along with compassionate listening that honors your wisdom. You will also learn foundational skills such as self-compassion, mindfulness, personal responsibility, setting healthier boundaries, cultivating flexible beliefs, and creating personally meaningful goals; as well as gain awareness into how socialization shapes our destinies, worldviews, and happiness.

“You are not the problem. The problem is the problem and together we can figure out how to handle them.
We’ll utilize on your strengths and build healthy skills for managing your life challenges. It may be difficult right now, but this is just one chapter in the story of your life. I will walk alongside you as you write the next one.”

Daysha can also support you with:

  • Life visioning and transition
  • Relationship issues, self-expression, and self care
  • Stress Management of Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Loss, and Trauma

Should your concerns not be within Daysha’s scope of practice, she will refer you to another more suitable therapist so you can get the best care you need.